“Critiquing Photographs & Outdoor Portrait Workshop”

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Press release courtesy of Sylva Photo Club.

Sylva Photo Club is presenting an entire day of Colby McLemore, a nationally known photographer from Knoxville. The main presentation starts at 2pm Saturday, November 11th in the Cullowee Methodist Church, 416 Central Drive on the WCU campus.

Colby will explore the art of the critique to help you improve your photographs. Critiques are an important part of the learning process and can guide budding or seasoned artists alike to refine their work. You'll see and understand things that simply won't be evident upon a cursory examination. Please bring photographs you wish to improve and allow Colby to help everyone learn the specifics of what to look for in any photograph.

After the presentation Colby will share his expertise in Outdoor Portraiture while leading a walk along the Sylva Greenway. He will explain the importance of depth of field, ISO, white balance, daylight camera settings, when to use flash and reflectors, and the perfect background for outdoor portraits. As a special treat Dr. Dan Pittillo, a local expert on Fauna & Geology, will join the Greenway walk to share his expertise of the outdoors.

This special event will also give you an opportunity to personally meet Colby McLemore during lunch or dinner and ask questions about any photography subject. This is a rare opportunity to speak with a renowned professional photographer one-on-one. Reservations required for either lunch or dinner by calling Tony Wu at (828) 226-3840 or email sylvaphotoclub@gmail.com.

Colby has an eye for creating memorable images in multiple subjects. He understands how to craft creative compositions, always searching for that perfect angle and the proper lighting that will set a photograph apart from all the others to achieve the desired effect. Colby has earned a place in prestigious lists such as the Top Ten International Commercial Professional Photographers, Tennessee’s Professional Photographers of the Year, Tennessee’s Top Ten Professional Photographers, and has received the Kodak Gallery and Fuji’s Excellence awards. You can find him at colbysphotography.com.

Cost for presentation &/or workshop on November 11th is $5 donation for guests (applied to membership for this year). (Lunch & Dinner are not included.) Annual membership to the Sylva Photo Club is a $20 donation; $10 for students.

Sylva Photo Club encourages meeting like-minded people to promote photography knowledge, friendship and photographic opportunities. We can be found on the web at sylvaphotoclub.wordpress.com; Facebook at Sylva Photo Club; email sylvaphotoclub@gmail.com; or for more information call Tony Wu at (828) 226-3840.