On the Air: 'Mick and the Flash'

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“Mick and the Flash” is a radio show in Cullowhee that airs on Power 90.5. The show is hosted by two Western Carolina University students named Caleb Peek and Mick Cauthen.

Peek is the original creator of the show and is a communications major that is expecting to graduate in May of 2017. He is also currently employed by a newspaper in his hometown called The News-Record and Sentinel as an assistant.

“I’ll continue to work for the newspaper, The News-Record and Sentinel, as long as possible, but I haven’t quite determined what my exact career path will be,” he said. “Radio is honestly just a hobby at this point, although a career in radio would be something I would consider in the future.”

His show is called “Mick and the Flash.”

Peek stated, “The name is just a combination of our names. I went by Flash in last semester’s show with a different co-host, so I kept that name for this one as well.”

He continued, “‘Mick and the Flash’ is what you would expect from a radio talk show. Sometimes we have a theme for the show, but usually it’s just us talking about politics, sports, school, or a combination of the three. I got into doing radio because I realized I needed as much experience as possible while still in college and the station is 100 yards away from my dorm, so it’s not much effort at all to do the show.”

The show discusses a multitude of topics in which students, faculty and even the general public can tune in to at their convenience. Throughout the interview, Peek focused primarily on what drives him and his co-host, Mick Cauthen, to continue to do the show. He discussed the importance of the radio show to him personally.

“To me, working at the radio is part of what gives me a purpose in life … and if I can make a positive impact on anyone, then the whole show has been worth every minute. It’s a great feeling and I’m glad I was able to become a part of the family at 90.5,” Peek said.

Similar to many other students at Western Carolina, Peek and Cauthen have a passion for helping others and feel as though their show allows them to do so.

“When I turn the mic on and my voice goes out over the airwaves, I feel like I have a chance to make a difference in someone’s life,” said Peek.

If you’re interested in listening to “Mick and the Flash,” you can tune into Power 90.5’s “What Whee Play!” from 8 p.m.–10 p.m. every Monday.

For more information about Power 90.5 and other shows you can call 828-227-3851.