April offered "egg"cellent events and holidays

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When the topic of April comes about, many people think of the saying “April showers bring May flowers!” or perhaps people think about green trees coming back to life, or colorful Easter eggs. However, the month of April has much more to it than just spring. It has some of the most interesting and important holidays.

Social media blows up with adorable sibling photos on April 10, or what’s known as “National Sibling Day” which is a day to celebrate the siblings in life. Who could ever forget the infamous April Fool’s Day? This is the day dedicated to pranksters. This light-hearted holiday is sure to instill some laughs, and perhaps great memories for years to come.

This year, April sees many important religious holidays such as Passover, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, and Lailat al Mirag. April also hosts holidays such as Holocaust Survivors Day and Remembrance Victims of Chemical Warfare Day. Informational holidays for awareness such as Autism Awareness Day and Earth Day were also celebrated this month.

According to www. autismawareness,com, Autism Awareness Day was created by the United Nations in 2007 and was meant to end stigmatization and bring awareness of people on the autism spectrum. Autism is a disorder that
affects individuals in social interactions and day-to-day lives. World Autism Awareness Day occurs every year on April 2. On this day, individuals can support autism awareness by wearing the color blue. Blue is known internationally as the symbol for autism support. Individuals can also show support on social media as well as partake in Autism Speaks Walks which is a walk hosted by an organization that raises money for the cause. This day is important for educating the world about what autism is and how people can help.

Earth Day is another important holiday as it helps take care of the world around us. According to www.earthday.org, Earth Day was
proposed in 1970 by a man named Gaylord Nelson. The country was in a time of political unrest with many groups passionately opposing war. At the same time, many vehicles used in that time were environmentally unfriendly and air pollution was at an all-time high. Nelson realized that he could take the passionate energy of vocal groups and build towards his goal of having the United States become an environmentally friendly group. Nelson created a group of politicians to be a voice to push for a day to host rallies for his environmental cause. April 22 was chosen specifically, as it sat perfectly between spring break and finals week for students. The day turned out to be a massive success as
it led to the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts.

As Western Carolina University has been widely regarded as an outdoor school, Earth Day is important to students, as well.

Courtney Rittle, a junior at Western Carolina, commented, “I like Earth Day because people come together to plant things and enjoy nature. Western has so much outdoors to offer so I think it’s important everyone goes out to enjoy the day!”

Students as well as the community were also able to celebrate Earth Day with the Greening Up festival. Downtown Sylva hosted the Twentieth Annual Greening Up the Mountains Festival on Saturday, April 22 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This Earth Day celebration is the largest yearly festival in downtown Sylva and had over 180 vendors in attendance. The celebration had a 5k run and walk before the festival began, as well as a Cub-mobile downhill race hosted by the Boy Scouts of America. This celebration had positive community impact as local businesses and organizations benefitted. The festival had showcases of art, food and music and had a designated fun area for kids that included inflatables and facepainting. Overall, it was a great way to highlight an important day.

April boasts many wonderful holidays that we hope you enjoyed and we cannot wait to celebrate the rest of the year!