Available for Adoption: Muffin

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Muffin is an 8-9 year old, sometimes curmudgeon lady who would love to find a home of her own. Her best friend is a big walker hound and she waits at the door for her canine friend every morning before they share breakfast from the same bowl. She may love the dog, but she doesn’t love loud environments or small children. Muffin would best serve her new human friend as a company cat and a lap cat, and she would love for her home to be quiet and stable, preferably with a cat-loving dog that is tolerant of her often attitudinal ways. Muffin is an indoor-only cat and is fully vetted. You can tell her about yourself here: www.catman2.org/adopt.

Be sure to check out our Holiday Kitty Quilt Raffle, as well! An amazing supporter made two quilts and donated to Catman2. The quilts have extremely decorative stitching and different cat breeds. A must for any cat or quilt lover! The raffle ends on December 31 at 5 p.m. Tickets are 6 for $5, 12 for $10, 24 for $20 and 120 for $100. To view images of the quilts and buy tickets, visit www.catman2.org/holiday-kitty-quilt-raffle.html. Tickets may also be purchased at the front desk of Sylva Animal Hospital or at Catman2 Shelter (by appointment).