Local Business Spotlight: Bubacz’s Signature Brew

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Formerly known as the Whacha You Want Bodega, founded in 2001, and later as Bubacz Signature Brew Coffee Roasting Company and Café in 2006, John Bubacz has been growing his business successfully in Downtown Sylva.

It was originally located in a building that burned down, where Noble Hall currently is, and after a few location changes, is fixed across the street from the Sylva Herald.

“The building next door burned down in August of 2014 and caused Motion Makers Bike Shop to vacate this space. After the rehab of this building, we moved in and started building up what has become our current wine and coffee bar,” said Bubacz.

Bubacz offers fresh roasted coffee, with the roasting process now taking place off-site. Customers can purchase coffee by the pound, in addition to enjoying a freshly prepared cup.

“We prepare a wide variety of specialty coffees including the flavored latte favorites, but made with our brand of only organic, fair trade and rainforest certified coffees. We recently expanded and now serve beer, sake, cider and wine-by-the-glass. We have six taps with local beers. In the Spring, we will add kombucha, wine and nitro coffee on tap plus install the necessary equipment to make frappes,” said Bubacz.

Customers can download a free mobile app called Perka, available on iPhone or Android, which enables them to take advantage of free coffee through a rewards system.

Bubacz also hosts events like wine tastings and live entertainment. Open door poetry night, silent film night, a farmer’s market benefit brunch and other happenings at the local farmer’s market have been some of Bubacz’s past events. Customers can visit the shop to learn more about upcoming events.

Bubacz also subscribes to what he referred to as the “triple bottom line” which include people, planet and profit. As part of a formal audit, Bubacz calculates what impact his business has on people and the environment before he makes note of the amount of profit he is bringing in.

This successful café got an average, out of 58 reviews, of 4.8 stars out of 5 on Facebook Business. Exceptional service, delicious food, and a warm, inviting atmosphere are all part of what makes this coffee shop a local favorite.

“Love the atmosphere. It’s friendly and authentic with local artists’ work on the walls, NPR news or pleasant music, but not too loud to disturb an introvert trying to concentrate and get some work done. Excellent baked goods and fresh healthy foods,” said customer and physical therapist Sae Smyrl. “Oh, and the coffee is tasty too, but I only drink black so I cannot comment on the fancy coffees. John is there for the long haul and truly invested in serving only the best quality food and drinks. Did I mention that he serves the best scones I have ever put in my mouth?”

Smyrl’s positive review is one of many. It seems that, between the exceptional quality of food and coffee, as well as frequent events, lively customers and employees, Bubacz’s coffee shop has been, and will likely continue to be, a success amid Downtown Sylva.

“I was pleasantly surprised today with my random trip to Signature Brew! Their zesty chicken salad wrap is phenomenal and the spicy black chips were too! Topped it off with a really yummy vanilla latte. Perfection! Highly recommend this restaurant & looking forward to my next visit & trying something else from t
heir great menu,” said Brittany Elders Gass.

Located on 552 West Main St. in Sylva, first-time customers are encouraged to stop in and previous customers are always welcomed back. Bubacz Signature Brew Coffee can also be contacted through their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/SigBrewCoffee.