"Photographing the Solar Eclipse Safely" with Sylva Photo Club

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Press release courtesy of Sylva Photo Club.

The Sylva Photo Club will present “Photographing the Solar Eclipse” by Roger Bacon on Saturday, July 8, 2017 at 2 p.m. in the Cullowee Methodist Church, 416 Central Drive on the WCU campus.

Roger Bacon will be presenting how you can safely photograph the solar eclipse occurring here on August 21st. Roger has been a film photographer and dark-room aficionado for many decades, and a digital photographer for over 15 years. Roger has always been interested in the technical aspects of photography including post-processing using both basic and advanced software. Roger has been a presenter to this club in the past and has a wide range of expertise involving photography.

Photographing the eclipse is very challenging to get a good image and can harm your eyes if not done properly. Topics will include how to use your telephoto lens, time lapse of the whole event, using Live View, and safety for your eyes and your camera. Roger will also talk about equipment and techniques with sources for more information.

Share and Tell will follow and is choice of participant. Please download on a USB any pictures you would like to share.

Cost for this program on July 8 is $5 donation for visitors (applied to membership). Membership to the Sylva Photo Club is a $20 donation; $10 for students per year.

Sylva Photo Club encourages meeting like-minded people to promote photography knowledge, friendship and photographic opportunities. We can be found on the web at sylvaphotoclub.wordpress.com; Facebook at Sylva Photo Club; email sylvaphotoclub@gmail.com; or for more information call Tony Wu at (828) 226-3840.