Sylva Photo Club presents "Street Photography" on June 10

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Press release courtesy of Sylva Photo Club.

“Street Photography” will be presented by Sylva Photo Club on Saturday, June 10th, 2 pm, at the Cullowhee Methodist Church, 416 Central Drive on the Western Carolina University’s campus.

Members of the Club will talk about the different types of street photography and how they are done. Subjects will cover candids with or without a person’s knowledge, street scenes during the day and night and other topics. Improve your candid and non-candid street photographs and learn how to set up your camera for different types of scenes.

“Share and Tell” will follow with the theme of “Street Photography” or any other subject. Bring up to six photos downloaded onto a USB drive.

Cost for this program is free for visitors. Membership to the Sylva Photo Club is a $20 donation; $10 for students per year.

Sylva Photo Club encourages meeting like-minded people to promote photography knowledge, friendship and photographic opportunities. We can be found on the web at; Facebook at Sylva Photo Club; email; or for more information call Tony Wu at (828) 226-3840.