Volleyball team continues to fight through the season

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The weekend before fall break was, to put it mildly, a busy one for the women’s volleyball team here at Western Carolina University. Not only did they face Mercer University on Friday, Oct. 14, but they also faced East Tennessee State University on Saturday, Oct. 15, with both games taking place at Western Carolina. For both games, the ladies of the volleyball team did their best to make the Catamounts proud. Their skill and determination saw victory for the Friday game, but an unfortunate loss on Saturday.

Starting off with Friday’s game, Mercer came in wanting to win, having lost their last couple of games. They had hoped to keep their win to lose ratio, which before the game was 10-7, on the positive. Western Carolina also came in wanting to win, as they themselves had been having a string of losses. With a win to lose ratio of 7-12, the ladies of the team were ready to put their paws out and beat the Mercer Bears. Though it may not be this way in the animal kingdom, the Catamounts slayed the Bears, winning the game 3 to 2.

The top performers of the game were freshman Abigail Viet, who earned 20.5 points throughout the match, with sophomore Alyssa Zupan and sophomore Moea Osbey both scoring 12.5 points throughout. With one victory under their belt, the women’s volleyball team was ready to face the Buccaneers from East Tennessee State University.

Having won their last four games before facing the Catamounts with a win to lose ratio of 13-6, the Buccaneers were ready to keep their winning streak. After just coming off of the heels of victory, the Catamounts were ready to be the ones that would end the Buccaneers’ winning streak and show them what happens when they decide to come face the Catamounts on their own playing field.

Tragically, when the game came to an end, the Buccaneers had fired their cannon shots and the Catamounts could not handle the blast. The Buccaneers won 3 to 1, continuing their winning streak.

Though the Catamounts lost, they still fought as hard as they could. The top performers were Alyssa Zupan who scored 14 points through the entire game, junior Katie O’Conner scoring 12.5 and Abigail Viet scoring 10. Though they may have been defeated this game, the women’s volleyball team will bounce back and show why other teams should fear the Catamounts.

While most of us Catamounts were away from campus during fall break, the ladies of the volleyball team were getting ready for not one, but two games. They played at Samford University on Friday, Oct. 21 and then played at Wofford University on Saturday, Oct. 22. They will go on to play University of North Carolina at Greensboro on Friday, Oct. 28 and Furman College on Saturday, Oct. 29, both games being held at Western Carolina.

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