Women's golf team welcomes new coach

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The Catamount women’s golf team welcomed a new head coach in September of 2016. Well-qualified and highly experienced, Sara Ann McGetrick brought enthusiasm and high hopes to connect with the girls and finish their season together.

Alumnus to Furman University in South Carolina, McGetrick played collegiate golf herself and eventually turned pro and played on the Ladies Professional Golf Association tour from 1986 to 1992. A natural leader and team player, McGetrick’s passion for golf and teaching continues to live on in her determination to develop the skills of young golfers.

McGetrick, native to Spartanburg, South Carolina, is no stranger to coaching collegiate golf, as she is the former head golf coach at Converse College in Spartanburg. She also has experience coaching at two high schools.

According to her biography page on catamountsports.com, throughout her collegiate coaching years, McGetrick has rallied five tournament titles with eight individual medalists from her team and led her team to an impressive third place finish at the Conference Carolinas Championship in 2014.

Leaving Converse University was one of McGetrick’s toughest career decisions. Being able to frame the program from scratch and continue to build it for four years, McGetrick was able to drive the program in the direction she wanted it. New doors opened when the position for a new Western Carolina University head golf coach became available.

The transition into the position for McGetrick was extremely fast, as she had little time to process the whole thing. The challenge of coming into a new position after the school year had started did not pose a threat to McGetrick. All in a week, she met with her new team, began practice right away and even completed their first tournament together. Needless to say, the team got to know their new head coach quickly and McGetrick immediately knew she had a great group of girls to work with.

“I really didn’t know what to expect other than I knew what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to teach some things they hadn’t been taught, not just with golf, but I believe everything you learn in golf can be applied to life,” said McGetrick.

McGetrick is extremely excited for the future of her team as a whole and each individual member. She is very proud that they work hard, are open to changes and are willing to work on their weaknesses until they become their strengths. It is one thing to just accept a great title, but it is another thing to accept a great title and still work on improving. Their improvement continued to shine in their playing skills as each tournament went on.

“I have no doubt that this team can go far. It’s fun to work with them. They’re eager to learn, they’re open to learning, they’re smart, they’re mature and they have great ball-striking skills that let them accomplish what they want to accomplish,” McGetrick added proudly.

McGetrick said her first year is going well and it’s been fun for her. With the combined skills of McGetrick and the individual skills each member of the team has, the team has every opportunity to go far and Sara Ann McGetrick is the person to get them there.

“Winning is awesome, but at the end of the day, winning isn’t everything, and these young ladies, I want them to make a difference in the world and have the confidence they need to succeed,” said McGetrick.

For more information about the women’s golf team and to view their game schedule for this season, visit the women’s golf team home page at www.catamountsports.com.