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About Us

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To: The Western Carolinian

When I first developed interest in this publication, I never knew that it would become such a huge part of my life. I wanted to be involved in some way, even if that was just as a writer of a few articles per issue. Instead, I was given an opportunity I would have never dreamt of.


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On Thursday, Nov. 2 the “Baddest Band in the Land,” the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band (PotM) packed up all 480-some marching members, along with staff, into nine charter buses and left at 9 a.m. from campus, bound first for Columbia, South Carolina and then for Charleston.

As we traveled, a PotM tradition began: bus interviews. These are interviews for students that can contain many outrageous questions. Hilarity ensued.


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From Winston-Salem to Cullowhee, Kristie Watkins traveled a long way to become a Western Carolina Catamount. After fighting between a few schools, including North Carolina State University, Watkins chose Western Carolina University after visiting the campus for the first time.

Back home, Watkins has four siblings. She has a younger brother that also attends Western Carolina and two brothers adopted from Peru. She also as an older sister.


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Over the past week, which for me is the third week of school, I have already had to miss classes. I have missed homework and fallen behind. I thought, as it is my last semester at Western Carolina University, that I would be able to finish off strong. So far, not so good.