Arts and Entertainment

Arts and Entertainment

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Thursday, April 28:
• From 7–9 p.m. the School of Art and Design and the School of Music in the College of Fine and Performing Arts will present a collaborative event entitled “.MOV/Experiments in Sensory Design” in the UC Theater.
• A choral ensembles concert will take place from 7:30–9:30 p.m. in the Recital Hall of the Coulter Building. The concert will be directed by Mike Lancaster.

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“Mick and the Flash” is a radio show in Cullowhee that airs on Power 90.5. The show is hosted by two Western Carolina University students named Caleb Peek and Mick Cauthen.

Peek is the original creator of the show and is a communications major that is expecting to graduate in May of 2017. He is also currently employed by a newspaper in his hometown called The News-Record and Sentinel as an assistant.

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The Western Carolina University School of Stage and Screen’s Musical Theatre Program really outdid itself with this production. Everything about “Gypsy” was remarkable. Everyone involved in the production should be proud with how wonderfully the show went. The audience laughed and cried as the performers brought the story to life on stage. You could tell that a large amount of work went into Western Carolina’s production of “Gypsy.”