Arts and Entertainment

Arts and Entertainment

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Every semester, the Department of Campus Activities coordinates with the rest of Western Carolina University’s administrative team to put on the Week of Welcome, a weeklong celebration of the cultural opportunities that Western Carolina has to offer. This year’s Week of Welcome had everything from magic acts to the eclipse viewing party to the chance to dunk a parking officer. The festivities culminated on Friday, Aug. 25 with musical performances by The Ready Set and Throwback Time Machine.

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On Sept. 7, the Mountain Heritage Center hosted the first of a monthly series, held on the first Thursday of the month. This “First Thursday” event consists of free concerts starring traditional/old time musicians and bluegrass. The concert lasts about an hour before the community jam session starts. All members of the community are encouraged to participate.

This month’s concert featured Jake Blount. Peter Koch, who works with the Mountain Heritage Center, selected Blount because of his dedication to the field.

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The Bardo Art Center’s Fine Art Museum newest exhibit is called “Return from Exile: Contemporary Southeastern Indian Art” The exhibit is composed of reactions from the removal of Native Americans in the 19th century after Andrew Jackson called for the Trail of Tears, during which Native American groups including Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaws, Creeks and Seminoles were forced to leave their land and the vivid culture that was their home to relocate to Oklahoma.