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Submission by Dillon Jeffrey

In an attempt equally brazen and misguided, I here attempt to cease the paving over of our once-secluded, beauteous campus, through the only way I know how.

Certain as the glaciers preceded us, I realize the changes I have witnessed to this campus are far from the first. In fact, nearly all of the campus I see before me today is far from original. It would be blind of me to assume otherwise, and stubborn bliss is not the way I wish to proceed.

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From April 7–9, the National Conference for Undergraduate Research, or NCUR for short, hosted their 30th annual conference at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. The purpose of the conference is to promote undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity for students in every field of study.

The conference had more than 4,000 students and faculty members in attendance, with more than 100 students from Western Carolina University presenting their own respected research to students and faculty from both UNCA and other visiting colleges.