Campus Life

Campus Life

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Planning to be around the Western Carolina University main campus over break? Want to give back to the community? Have a class coming up with service learning requirements that you want to get a head start on?

The Center for Service Learning has several volunteer opportunities for those who will be in the area over the holiday break.

Christmas Cheer Adopt-A-Family


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Press release courtesy of Leslie Cavin. The annual Whee Lead Conference will take place on Saturday, February 17, 2018, from 8am-5pm at the Western Carolina University Center. This free event, with breakfast and lunch provided, is open to all students, faculty, and staff.

This year’s theme is “Leading at Performance Level”, asking participants to reflect on how they are the star or actor in their own leadership development.


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This semester, various events have taken place on the campus of Western Carolina University with the goal of more than just entertaining students. These events on campus have a larger goal: to leave an impact on the students and community that will last beyond the end of the event.

Christina Parker, president of the Ripple Effect, said her organization and other organizations on campus are always working to ensure that events held on campus create a lasting impact. They also want to make sure that issues and topics that need to be discussed and addressed are brought to light.


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Wednesday evenings at Catching Lights bookstore and MadStone Eatery are full of surprises and delight as The Nomad hosts a bi-weekly open mic night for poetry, nonfiction and fiction reading.

Several students from different disciplines gathered in the cozy reading corner in Catching Lights bookstore and MadStone eatery to share their work. The meetings are in an intimate setting that is filled with listening ears and hearty snaps and claps.