Campus Life

Campus Life

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On Sunday, April 9, Western Carolina’s women’s tennis team was defeated in its final home conference match of the season as the resulting score was 7-0 to Samford. The match began at 11 in the morning. This loss left the Catamounts with an 11-11 overall record and a 0-6 conference record.

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April 10: Welfare check, Scott – Officers spoke with an individual after a parent was unable to contact them. April 10: Suspicious activity, Dining Hall – Officers attempted to locate an individual displaying suspicious behavior.

April 10: Suspicious activity, off campus – Officers attempted to locate the sounds of gunfire. They spoke with an individual and found no issues.

April 11: Traffic crash/ DWI, Joyner Dr. – A nonstudent was arrested for DWI following a traffic crash.

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The end of the semester, especially the end of the school year can be stressful. Class work adds up and time slips away. It becomes more and more important for your physical and mental health to take a step away from the stress and relax for a while.

For some, relaxing may be curling up with a good book or movie while others may want a break outdoors with their friends. Whatever your relaxing style may be, there are a few places around Western Carolina University’s campus that anyone can enjoy.

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When the topic of April comes about, many people think of the saying “April showers bring May flowers!” or perhaps people think about green trees coming back to life, or colorful Easter eggs. However, the month of April has much more to it than just spring. It has some of the most interesting and important holidays.