Campus Life

Campus Life

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Western Carolina University believes in high impact practices, or activities that engage students and promote academic, professional and social excellence. One of these practices includes a common intellectual experience which has been identified by the
Association of American Colleges and Universities.

When we arrive at college as freshman, we may feel intimidated. Western Carolina’s One Book Program has helped freshman focus once they arrive on campus and gears them in a productive direction.

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Over the past week, which for me is the third week of school, I have already had to miss classes. I have missed homework and fallen behind. I thought, as it is my last semester at Western Carolina University, that I would be able to finish off strong. So far, not so good.

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Last May, a finance class at Western Carolina University took a survey of several hundred students to test their financial literacy and over 80 percent of the students failed. This is a problem that has continued to increase, causing The Office of Financial Aid at Western Carolina to begin working with students and professors in efforts to raise awareness of financial illiteracy on campus.


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The 2017-2018 school year has begun and excitement is in the air. Fall is coming, which means football games, tailgating and loads of bonfires. At these events, some students will likely be partaking in activities such as consuming alcohol. Depending on the circumstances, this can result in unfortunate consequences. Here are some responsible drinking facts and tips to keep students and staff safe while participating in one of the most common leisure activities at Western Carolina University.