Campus Life

Campus Life

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Every semester, Western Carolina University plays host to a variety of international students from all corners of the world: Saudi Arabia, Japan, Ireland and England, to name a few. According to the Office of International Programs and Services, in the fall of 2015 alone Western Carolina saw 117 international students. Mimi Behrens, an exchange student from the University of Education in Ludwigsburg, Germany, was one such individual.

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Just a mere four weeks ago, Western Carolina University students were home celebrating the New Year with their friends and family. With every New Year comes the infamous New Year’s resolution. According to Time Magazine, the number one most given up resolution is the resolution to lose weight and get fit. Western Carolina professor, Debby Singleton, offered advice on how to keep that resolution and how to be a healthier version of you on campus.


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            Almost two years after Western Carolina University was shaken by a massive fire that destroyed a series of small stores on Centennial Drive, Facilities Management and Rise Real Estate began undertaking comprehensive efforts to reclaim the damaged land by creating a new multi-purpose building.