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On the days of Thursday, Nov. 16 through Sunday, Nov. 19, Western Carolina University’s School of Stage and Screen presented the musical “Company.” The performance was approximately two-and-a-half hours and included two acts based on the book by George Furth. The musical was directed by returning New York City director, Sarah Norris, who previously directed “Gypsy.”

The acting by members of the School of Stage and Screen was accompanied by a small orchestra comprised of a mixture of Western Carolina faculty and some extra players.


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Before they were educators, professors were gaining the experiences they needed to be proficient in their fields. Some were starting families and others were traveling the world. Now, they offer their expertise and experiences in hopes that it will aid students in their own youthful journeys.


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Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) was founded in 1954. It is an international ministry seen on middle, high school and college campuses that was founded on the influence sports has on people’s lives.

FCA is a way for students in college to combine their love of sports with their desire to grow in community and a relationship with God. It is not just a ministry for people who are on their school’s teams, but also for people who love sports in general.

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On Saturday, Nov. 18, a fundraising event was held at the Soul Infusion Tea House and Bistro in Sylva. The organizer of the event was Erin Adams, a Professor of Interior Design at Western Carolina University.

“The goal of the event is two-fold. Number one is to raise awareness about kidney disease, but more importantly about organ donation in general. The second piece is to raise money to give back to the National Kidney Foundation,” said Adams.