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Tolgard Games and Game On is a new store in Sylva that specializes in table-top games and video games. The store is bursting with any game imaginable whether it be card, board or video game. The shelves are lined with intricate and unique items. On the other side of the store are huge television screens for gaming, nice seating areas and tables made for table-top games. This store is new and exciting, but its history is rich and caring.


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Dr. Vicki Szabo of Western Carolina University is a proud Michigander and loves everything about her job as an environmental Associate Professor of the History Department.

Dr. Szabo received her undergraduate degree in History and Anthropology from Kalamazoo College, completed her master’s at Cornell University in medieval history and did her Ph.D. research in Northern Scotland.

In August of 2001, she left where she was working in upstate New York to begin her career at Western Carolina and has been here ever since.


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Adriana Lebron is an art student studying at Western Carolina University in the School of Art and Design (SOAD). She is a major in Studio Art with a concentration in Photography.

Lebron is academically focused and strives to challenge herself as well as uncover new passions within her work. Her focus is currently on social issues in today’s society.

The SOAD offers four major programs in Art Education, Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Studio Art as well as an Art Minor.

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From Winston-Salem to Cullowhee, Kristie Watkins traveled a long way to become a Western Carolina Catamount. After fighting between a few schools, including North Carolina State University, Watkins chose Western Carolina University after visiting the campus for the first time.

Back home, Watkins has four siblings. She has a younger brother that also attends Western Carolina and two brothers adopted from Peru. She also as an older sister.