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Western Carolina University has a proud history of training the future generation of teachers in North Carolina and beyond, and the benefits for Western Carolina students interested in becoming educators are not limited to the classroom. The Student North Carolina Association of Educators (SNCAE) is a collegiate wing of a statewide and national association of education professionals whose goal is to prepare college students for careers as teachers and professors, as well as to advocate for teachers’ rights on a political level.

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Amber Williams, a student at Western Carolina University, began participating in roller derby in March of 2013. She is currently a part of the Appalachian Roller Girls team. “It’s a women empowering sport. We just started practicing for this season. It’s either my third or fourth season,” she said.

Even though roller derby is known for being a rough, full contact sport, Williams says that it is a sport that people of all ages can play. “We have a good coach that’s really inspiring,” she says.

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Living in a small town, everyone seems to know everyone else’s business. This means when someone gets the so-called “fifteen minutes of fame,” it’s a pretty big deal. The Mountain Faith Band, a bluegrass group from the Sylva area, has definitely surpassed those “fifteen minutes” since they made it to the semi-finals on “America’s Got Talent” this past year. They are quickly turning their passion for playing music into a full-time career. Just this month, they were nominated for Bluegrass Gospel Group of the Year at the Society for Preservation of Bluegrass Music Awards.