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On Thursday, February 11, the Arts and Cultural Events committee (ACE) held their first session of MAKE! called MAKE!: Paint Edition. MAKE! is a new series that ACE plans to host every semester. It is a chance for students and staff to enjoy good food, good music, and good fun. 

    The first installment of the series involved painting. The participants were given the tools and guidance necessary to replicate a piece of artwork. ACE made it possible for the participants to replicate a piece of artwork by basically creating their own paint by number.

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    “How on earth are their bodies doing that?” This is the question you will ask yourself more than once when you see the show Galumpha. At intermission, the audience was buzzing about the mind-boggling stunts that this acrobatic trio can perform. Interesting, fabulous, beautiful, crazy and enjoyable were just a few words that audience members used to describe the show. 

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If you live in the area or nearby, you know that Cullowhee is not the best place to find things to do. When it comes to restaurants, you are pretty limited to the choices on campus and Tuck’s, which makes it very inconvenient for students and community members that are vegan, vegetarian, raw vegan, etc. What many do not know is that there is a restaurant that you likely drive by everyday which offers all these services; Sazon Mexican Restaurant. 

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Did you know that Western Carolina University has its very own annual literary and art journal? Well, it does and it’s called The Nomad, and it’s completely composed by the students at the university.

    According to the editor-in-chief, Cat Mason, “Everything within the journal is student-created, and the staff of The Nomad is composed of students. Within the pages of every Nomad, there is non-fiction, fiction, and poetry works, as well as photographs, digital art, and painted works.”