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    The classic Shakespeare character, Macbeth, made an opening-night appearance at Western Carolina University on Wednesday, February 17th in Hoey Auditorium, but with a new twist. Derived from an adaptation by Jayne Morgan and Linda Parsons Marion, directed by Claire Eye, and performed by WCU’s School of Stage & Screen, Macbeth met a popular Netflix show in a production called “Macbeth is the New Black.” 

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Craig is the nicest cat at Catman2. He is less than a year old and the fattest

thing you’ve ever seen. His luxurious soft orange and white coat will keep you coming back for more pets.  Craig will gladly lay back in your arms and let his fat tummy droop over his sides for the amusement of you and your friends. Want a real laugh? Watch his belly sway to and fro’ while chasing a toy down the hall. Craig loves other cats, dogs, and kids. Craig is the perfect cat and he’s

looking for an equally perfect human companion.

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    In the Cullowhee Valley, simply due to our geography and our general location in the state, we do not have the most flavorful musical selections to choose from on the radio waves. It is actually not even possible to listen to something as essential as National Public Radio in Cullowhee via the standard FM radio. With this being the case, we can are thankful for Power 90.5, WWCU FM bringing many great shows to the air.