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Often students at Western Carolina University will find themselves complaining about the food available on campus or wishing they had a nice, home-cooked meal to enjoy. What students do not know is there is a local market specifically created with both faculty and students in mind.

The Whee Market was created by Curt Collins in 2012 and was originally located right off campus at the Cullowhee United Methodist Church. The Whee Market is now located at The Village of Forest Hills off of Highway 107 and on the road across from the Ramsey Center.

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As spring semester ends, the students at Western Carolina University are either preparing for summer vacation or applying for summer and/ or fall semester. As many students will attest, registering for classes can be a long and tedious process, filled with such complications as slow internet, the website crashing due to high volume and classes not being available. Fortunately, Joe Puccio and Tara Aida have developed a website and app that will help not only students at Western Carolina, but students in the entire UNC college system register for classes.


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As of March 21, 2017, the rusty patched bumble bee is listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act. The rusty patched bumble bee is the first bee in the continental U.S. to be listed as endangered and has been found in merely 0.1% of its historical range. It may sound like a small concern, but bees along with other pollinators are a huge part of our daily lives.

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Press release courtesy of Pat Tukey, Executive Director of Hendersonville Symphony Orchestra.

(Hendersonville, North Carolina) The Hendersonville Symphony League is hitting all the right notes as it readies to present its largest event of the year, the 2017 Black and While Ball.