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Incoming students are well aware of the physical problems that could arise from college, such as drinking too much and the freshman fifteen. What they may not be as aware of is the toll college takes on your mind.

College is uninhibited. You no longer have watchful eyes over your shoulders. Classroom attendance is loosely regulated. You live in a high density of people your own age. College is an experience and an experiment, but while you are out enjoying your freedoms and newfound relationships, remember to keep an eye turned inward.


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Summer of 2017 came by and went out with a bang. While most students will agree that summer left far too quickly, memories made this summer will last a lifetime.

Movies and TV in 2017 made for a fun and exciting summer. Superhero movies stole the show as “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” opened and delighted fans. DC Comics had a showstopper with “Wonder Woman” that set a new precedent for DC films. Marvel’s “Spiderman” came swinging in July as its third adaptation in the past decade, while Marvel’s “The Defenders” on Netflix was incredibly hyped in August.

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Have you ever received a personalized note? Perhaps for your birthday, or a holiday? Hopefully you recall a time when someone gave you a handmade card expressing their admiration for you, or wishing you a “Merry Christmas.” During the first home football game of the year on Sept. 9, the Pride of the Mountains marching band debuted their new production for 2017, which is entitled “Take Note!”