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Sept. 1: Trespassing and resist, delay and obstruct - Old Motorpool Lot – Cleared by arrest.

Sept. 2: Breaking and entering – Moore Building – Further investigation needed.

Sept. 2: Assault – Scott Hall – Cleared by arrest.

Sept. 3: Simple possession of marijuana – Lot 73 – Referral issued.

Sept. 4: Obtaining property by false pretenses – Scott Residence Hall – Unfounded.

Sept. 5: Rape – Pathway near Norton Residence Hall – Under further investigation.

Sept. 5: Rape – Balsam Residence Hall – Under further investigation.


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During spring of 2017, upper campus was taken by storm when construction began for the renovation of Brown Hall.

Built in the early 1900s, Brown has always been a facility allowing students to engage with one another while sharing a meal. Before the renovation, The Lodge was simply called Brown Cafeteria. It was an ordinary school lunch room with tables and a staff ready to serve the hungry students of Western Carolina University.


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Incoming students are well aware of the physical problems that could arise from college, such as drinking too much and the freshman fifteen. What they may not be as aware of is the toll college takes on your mind.

College is uninhibited. You no longer have watchful eyes over your shoulders. Classroom attendance is loosely regulated. You live in a high density of people your own age. College is an experience and an experiment, but while you are out enjoying your freedoms and newfound relationships, remember to keep an eye turned inward.